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What to Eat in Montreal

Whenever I plan a trip I always scour Pinterest, Instagram, and Yelp to find the best things to eat in that country or city. Luckily I didn’t need to research where to eat in Montreal, one of my closest friends that was born and raised there gave me a local’s recommendations on Montreal cuisine and they did NOT disappoint. Get your forks ready…

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1. Poutine at La Banquise

Obviously. POUTINE! Every late night in Spain while we ate our post-disco Schwarma, Alex and Caroline (my favorite Canadians) never let me forget that poutine would have really hit the spot instead.

French fries, cheese curds, and gravy: that’s all you need. We followed Alex’s recommendation and ate Poutine at La Banquise. We ordered a classic no-frills poutine and – because I’m a Texan always – I also ordered a Taquise (with tomatoes, guac, and sour cream). The portions were huge but we cleaned both plates. We had poutine in Quebec a few times but this was the best. It’s open 24 hours and only accepts cash (there’s an ATM on property).

The best bagels in Montreal Canada

2. Bagels in Mile End

Before visiting I didn’t know bagels were a thing in Montreal. I always associated bagels with New York, but there’s a bit of a friendly rivalry between the two cities for who has the best bagel. One afternoon we went to St. Viateur Bagel in Mile End and stocked up. We got a half a dozen, a container pickled herring, cream cheese,  and found a park to enjoy our picnic.

The bagels were so good! So soft and fresh out of their wood-fired oven. I always had this idea that bagels were dry (what do I know? I’m Texan, I eat tortillas.), but Montreal definitely converted me (sorry New York).

Also worth a try is Fairmont Bagel, also in Mile End. We didn’t make it there since we got greedy and full at St. Viateur.

Montreal Food Tours

If you want to cover a lot of ground and try a lot of food in one day consider a food tour in Montreal! This 5-hour bike tour through Montreal includes stops at St. Viateur and the Jean-Talon Market (mentioned below). Another option is the Beyond the Bagel tour, in three and a half hours they’ll show you the Mile End and The Plateau districts, exploring Jewish heritage in Montreal and trying the smoked meat sandwich, bagels and more. If markets are your thing, consider the Beyond the Market Food Tour that explores at least six eateries in and around the Jean-Talon Market.

what to eat in Montreal, Where you have to eat in Montreal canada, The best poutine in Montreal #Montreal #Canada

 3. A Smoked Meat Sandwich at Schwartz’s

Take a lunch break in the Plateau at Schwartz’s and get the Smoked Meat sandwich. It’s simple (all good things are): just the meat, yellow mustard, and rye bread. Order a pickle, fries and a soda and you’re good to go. It’s a lot of meat, if you’re a wuss like me you’ll pick it apart and eat it in pieces or with cutlery. If you’re a better person than I, like my husband, you’ll eat it as the sandwich it is and not actually lose all the meat (my bad).

Schwartz's Diner in Montreal

You’ll probably have to wait in line but they keep things moving. We got there for a late lunch close to 2 pm and were able to walk right in and sit at the bar (larger tables had a bit of a wait).

4. Shop at Marche Jean Talon

Grab a meal at one of the restaurants, buy charcuterie at one of the shops bordering the market, or just stroll through the produce section and drool over the enormous baskets of berries. We had already eaten but I had a maple filled pastry for dessert that didn’t survive long enough to be photographed.

turnips in Montreal  was fascinated by all of the fall vegetables. There were so many that aren’t as common down south, purple carrots? There were varieties of pumpkins I never even knew existed! It was a really cool market and worth a visit. We bought some berries and peaches to have alongside our bagels for breakfast the next day.

what to eat in Montreal, Where you have to eat in Montreal canada, The best poutine in Montreal #Montreal #CanadaCherries and raspberries in Montreal

Best Food in Montreal

The list is short and sweet, and it doesn’t even include coffee, or cocktails, or wine! There’s so much to enjoy in Montreal. It’s a very diverse city. We had Indian for lunch one day, and Lebanese take out for dinner that night. We enjoyed a pitcher of sangria in Old Montreal and felt just like we were in Europe. So if you go to Montreal, go hungry!

what to eat in Montreal, Where you have to eat in Montreal canada, The best poutine in Montreal #Montreal #Canada

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