Vinyasa Yoga in Buenos Aires


I practice and teach Vinyasa Yoga in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been practicing for three years and was trained to teach by Black Swan Yoga in Austin, Texas. I tried yoga a few years ago to mix up my workout routine but noticed how my life slowly changed in other aspects as well. I'd been sick almost constantly due to stress weakening my immune system, yoga helped. I slept better, I felt calmer. I was hooked.

Practice with me

I like to build warm-ups and cool-downs filled with juicy feel-good stretches, with a sweaty, hard-working flow in the middle to get the muscles warm and the heart beating. If you live in Buenos Aires and want to try yoga or try a class with me, I'd love to talk to you! Or if you're passing through town on holiday and need to stretch those battered legs after hiking in Patagonia, or feel like you need to detox all of that steak and Malbec, I'm here for you!

For more information just contact me through the form at the end of this page or send me an me directly to I promise to get back to you as soon as I can!

vinyasa en Castellano

Y para los que prefieren clases en castellano, también ofrezco clases particulares en español. Si quieren probar un estilo de yoga muy dinámico, ofrezco clases particulares de Vinyasa Yoga: un estilo de yoga que une el movimiento con la respiración. Contáctame para más información.


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